My life planner 2021

Le planner de ma vie ebook my life planner en anglais

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Summary of my life planner

Section 1. General

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Determining Objectives and Activities
Chapter 3. How to save time?
Chapter 4. Free time and pleasure
Chapter 5. How to stay motivated?

Section 2. Set up routines

Chapter 1. Morning routine
Chapter 2. Sports routine
Chapter 3. Beauty routine
Chapter 4. Tidying up routine
Chapter 5. Food Routine

Section 3. The files

Chapter 1. Habit Tracker
Chapter 2. Month calendar
Chapter 3. Weekly planner
Chapter 4. Selfcare tracker
Chapter 5. Mood tracker
Chapter 6. Essential apps and sites

Introduction of my life planner

In today’s society time is a precious commodity. Our time management is therefore an essential tool for our success, whatever your definition. The idea of this planner is to save you a few minutes here and there on time expenditure items that do not bring us, particularly pleasure.

Obviously, the idea is not to impose a job Military time but to help you keep control of your days and your motivation. It is obvious that improvisation and the unexpected are an integral part of our life. They are even often welcome there.

In these uncertain times while the world changes the organization of his days either for those who either telecommuting or must manage children that our valiant caregivers who continue to work.

Here you can therefore find sheets and tools to help you organize yourself, tips to save you time and help you determine your goals, but also a few pages to help you stay motivated during this difficult period. This planner contains miniature sheets as well as their instructions for use. A Word and PDF file will be attached so that you can achieve them as you wish.

To see the French version it’s here.

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